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Thread: Attachment problem

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    Default Attachment problem

    Hi Everybody

    I know this is not a good description of the problem, but it's all the info I have.

    My user (my boss actually) received a forwarded email (with an attachment in it ) and he could get it in Zimbra web interface, but could not get it in Thunderbird. (Yes, I know I should test using another email client like Outlook etc.). Another user also had a similar problem.

    I don't know if the problem is with Thunderbird - but we didn't have problems with Thunderbird when we were not using Zimbra imap server (we used Sendmail/Imap-uw server previously). Maybe Thunderbird has some issue with Zimbra imap server ?

    Does anybody here have a similar problem ? Any idea how to resolve?

    Thank you very much in anticipation.

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    Default Copy of the message?

    Can you send us a copy of the problematic message? We really can't diagnose the issue without it...
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    As requested, attached is the problem email (the email addresses changed).

    Note that this problem sometimes also happens in mail without attachments, and also in mails which are not forwarded.

    To view these problem emails in Thunderbird,
    I have to go to Message -> Edit Message as New.
    and then I am able to see the message.
    Or Message -> Forward,
    and then cancel, and then I can see the original mail.

    Thank you


    Quote Originally Posted by dkarp
    Can you send us a copy of the problematic message? We really can't diagnose the issue without it...
    Attached Files Attached Files
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    Don't see anything obvious from looking at the msg. I did see this:

    User-Agent: Mozilla Thunderbird 0.8 (Windows/20040913)

    Are both the sender and receiver using a version of Thunderbird that is this old? this is pre-1.0 and over 2yrs old. Might be a good idea to upgrade.
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    I've experienced described above problem and with some help solution was found.

    Problem description: When a 'specific' mail is forwarded it appears "cut" and with no attachments. It happens with Outlook Express and Thunderbird - POP3 accounts configured. However when you open the mail in WebUI everything is just fine - message is whole and attachments are there. When LDAP account is configured, again everything is fine.

    'Specific' mail description: The problem mail is with "Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit" and contains 2 photos.

    Flow description: The 'specific' mail comes to mail server in 8bit, then user Ani downloads the message via POP3 in her Outlook Express. She decides to share this photos and forwards the mail with some text in the body.

    a)But her Outlook Express uses 7bit "Content-Transfer-Encoding" and the fun begins.
    b)Zimbra mail server does not support 8bit "Content-Transfer-Encoding", so it sends message in 7bit.

    People(again using POP3 accounts) receive message cut in the middle of the text Ani had added and with no attachment. They are trying to read message which claims to be 7bit encoded, but actually is 8bit encoded and some certain bits order, create a STOP signal and message ends in the middle.

    Solution description: Teach your mail client how to send messages.

    Outlook Express Tools→Options→Send→Message Format

    enable Thunderbird Tools→Options→Composition→General→For messages that contain 8bit char ...

    I know Flow description maybe is not correct, but Solution description works . I'm not a SMTP guru so if someone can explain this behavior/problem/solution it would be nice.

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