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Thread: canonicaladdress in GAL

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    Default canonicaladdress in GAL


    Can I view canonical address in GAL?

    We are using zimbra 5.0.14 and web client....

    we use UID as user account and the search result
    shows only this.

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    You have to add zimbraMailCanonicalAddress to zimbraGalLdapAttrMap, see GAL Attribute Mapping - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Maybe this will work.

    zmprov mcf -zimbraGalLdapAttrMap zimbraMailDeliveryAddress,zimbraMailAlias,mail=ema il,email2,email3,email4,email5,email6,email7,email 8,email9,email10,email11,email12,email13,email14,e mail15,email16

    zmprov mcf +zimbraGalLdapAttrMap zimbraMailDeliveryAddress,zimbraMailCanonicalAddre ss,zimbraMailAlias,mail=email,email2,email3,email4 ,email5,email6,email7,email8,email9,email10,email1 1,email12,email13,email14,email15,email16

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