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Thread: Split Domain vs Domain Alias question

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    Default Split Domain vs Domain Alias question

    Good day for everyone

    i'm just start using Zimbra, and i have this doubt and I really like to have an answer

    In the company where I work, they decide to expand and to create a decentralied administration of the mail server
    For such point in the central there a Exchange server under the domain ""
    Now they want to open a new office in another place and they want that in there they have their own zimbra mail server also under the domain "" and be able to send a receive messages as if they were in the central
    Is this configuration possible with zimbra community?
    I need to know if this is possible and what is the steps to do this configuration becouse i'm in charge of the new office installation and i don't know how to do it

    Is there a guide or a wiki or something that could help me


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    Hi Rod_001,

    That configuration is absolutely possible. Zimbra can share the same SMTP-domain with Exchange and it's easy to setup. There are two useful articles about it:
    - How to Configure Exchange 2007 to Route Messages for a Shared Address Space: Exchange 2007 Help,
    - Split Domain - Zimbra :: Wiki.

    I've tested that in my network.
    What realy work are message routing and Free/Busy interop. There is an issue with GAL and you could not have access to external calendars (until ZD 2.0 will be released - see Bug 24467 – Desktop connector for Exchange).

    If you have any other questions feel free to ask.


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