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Thread: [SOLVED] Spam filtering/reporting issues

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    Default [SOLVED] Spam filtering/reporting issues

    Hello all,

    We do spam filtering for Zimbra on an external system. Any mail that is marked by that external system as probably spam is placed (via a rule on the Zimbra side) in the user's Junk folder.

    Prior to the upgrade from 5.0.21 to 6.0.5 this worked great. When a user found a message a folder other than Junk, they would click "Junk" on that message which would send it to the spam@our-zimbra-server address (which is where we investigate those messages).

    POST upgrade now any and all messages placed in the Junk folder, even by the filter rule in Zimbra, sends these messages to the spam@our-zimbra-server address.

    Is there any way to change this so the only messages reported to the spam@ address within Zimbra are those where a user manually clicks Junk (or drags the message to the Junk folder) and exclude those messages which are placed by a zimbra mail filter?

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    Thanks to Ifran from Zimbra support I was able to resolve this. I'm putting the resolution here in case anyone else had or will have the same issue.

    Using: zmprov gacf | grep zimbraSpamHeader
    Shows us the default settings:
    zimbraSpamHeader: X-Spam-Flag
    zimbraSpamHeaderValue: YES

    I then set our external spam filter to add that header & value on messages its marking as spam. This both fixes the problem as well as eliminates the need for a rule on each account for spam filtering.

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