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Thread: [SOLVED] Zcs sharing - external guests and public disabled

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    Default [SOLVED] Zcs sharing - external guests and public disabled

    I had ZCS 6.0.5 (upgraded from 5.0.x) and every user was able to share to internal users, public guests and public.

    After a disaster I fresh installed ZCS (different from before not upgrading!).
    Then I imported all data.
    Now, the problem is: users can share only to internal users: external guests and public shares are no more allowed (the radio buttons are grayed)

    Are there some new settings ... related to - I don't know - something like ACL ?
    I ask this because I didn't have this behaviour before , maybe because the previous installaton I inherited old (default) settings from 5.0.x?

    How can I have back the old behaviour and let users share to public and external?

    Thanks a lot,

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    It's a bug in 6.0.5. Still waiting for solution. As far as I noticed, Zimbra did corected it, but it could be available on next release.

    Bug 44557 - public briefcase sharing broken
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