Hello all, I'm hope to get some suggestions and or input from other Admins who have some experience with Zimbra.

My situation is: Exchange 5.5 using NT Domain login with http://Mailscanner.info on a Gentoo box as the mailgateway for virus and spam. And my plan is to roll out AD and Exchange 2003 over Thanksgiving weekend (I hate my life)

Anyway I would love to use Zimbra as my Exchange killer, now for the questions.

1. Production Ready? I only have about 100 users and they love the calendaring functions e.g. Having other people manage other peoples calendar/contacts in Outlook. Also the ability to open other peoples inbox or other mailfolders in outlook.

2. What would be the best migration path? Roll up to AD then Migrate? or skip AD and Migrate to Zimbra? Any other input or Ideas would be great.

3. Do I really have to use Red Hat whats the Source Install path like? I would really love to use Gentoo and I would provide a howto for Gentoo until an ebuild comes out.

4. Anything else that can help me sell this to upper management? Besides my argument that proprietary formats and protocols are bad!

6. Thank for your time