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Thread: will zimbra free disk space right away when delete emails?

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    Default will zimbra free disk space right away when delete emails?

    Dear all,

    one of ZCS509(oss) customers suffered low disk space and may i learn from you that when we delete emails from webclient, will ZCS free disk space right away? cause from the "df" command output, it seems there's no big change after delete several account and emails.

    any advice on this? Thanks.

    ZCS 5.0.9 OSS running on CentOS 4.4, and data is put on a NetApp storage (nfs mount).


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    Since zimbra stores a single instance of each email when possible, you may not see a change in some cases. E.g., two people receive the same email, whose size is 2 megabytes. One of the two deletes the email and empties their trash, the other doesn't. The space won't free up--but on the other hand, the mail only took 2 megabytes instead of 4.

    The main other point is that of course when you delete an email, it goes into the trash and is only fully deleted when you empty trash, or if you selectively locate the email in the trash and re-delete it.

    Aside from those issues I would expect fairly rapid recovery of disk space in OSS. (In NE, the mail will continue to take up some space as long as it's sitting in a backup, though not as much as it would if it was both in a backup and still "alive" in someone's account.) Full recovery may not be instantaneous, though, since if I'm not mistaken FOSS keeps redologs around for a while before purging them.

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