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    Hi all,

    I am expreincing some strange behaviours with some of my mailbox, some mailbox accounts has suddenlly disappeared and I can't seem to trace what exactly is happening.
    An attempt to recreate the affected account, I get an error saying account already exist, meanwhile the account isn't listed. I also tried recreating with zmprov CLI utility but with the error:
    ERROR: account.ACCOUNT_EXISTS (account already exists:
    I have run an ldapsearch, zmprov gaa, etc. but none display these missing accounts.

    Other accounts seems to be working fine, but I'm lost as to what could have happen to these "missing" accounts.

    FYI: I'm running FC5 + 3.1.4_GA_518.FC4 GA open source version.

    I'd appreciate any ideas as to what could be responsible for this.
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