Hi Guys,

One of our customer's requiredments are as below :

1. Create a DL called “DLaccesslist”. Members of this DL only should have access to use any of the DLs for sending mails.

I used RestrictPostfixRecipients - Zimbra :: Wiki link and setup the configuration....but its taking the sender DL ID as a email ID so inspirte of this rule...member of DLaccesslist can't send mails as this conifuration is not understand who is the member of this DL...is there any wayout for this ??

2. Create a DL called “DL-Restricted”. Members of this DL should be restricted from sending mails to any email ID other than local domain i.e, to gmail, yahoo, other company email IDs,…etc

I have used Restrict users to certain domain - Zimbra :: Wiki and setup the rule but as mentioned above again its not applying to member of the dl-restricted...

3. Please restrict everybody in the DL “shops" from sending mails to other members in the same DL.

How to achive this ? Do i need to set rule for each and every member of this DL ??

Please help.