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Thread: Zimbra Network Edition and Outlook folder sharing

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    Default Zimbra Network Edition and Outlook folder sharing

    Hi there

    I am looking to implement a Network Edition version of ZCS 6 for a client, who will use both the web interface and Outlook.

    My question related to folders you have shared - are these visible between the web interface and outlook? If so, what is the process to view them (does one have to open other users folder, or does it appear in the shared items view on Outlook?



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    Depends on the version of Outlook. The shared folders will appear in the Folder List under Shared or Public.

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    Thank You.

    Any idea, off-hand, which versions of Outlook support this feature?

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    We use Outlook 2007. In ZCS 5, if you share a folder then mounting it is completely independent in Outlook and ZWC.

    I'm not familiar with the interface that fcash refers to.

    In Outlook you use Open...Other User's Folder (the command has a Zimbra icon on it), and all of the other user's resources that are shared with you will be mounted, appearing in the appropriate screen of Outlook (Mail, Calendar, etc.) under the person's name.

    In Zimbra you accept shares folder-by-folder if a sharing notices are sent via email, or you right-click above the list of folders in a given view and use the command to access a shared folder. You must know the account name and the path to shared folder.

    Zimbra 6 simplifies things in several ways that I'm aware of.

    1. Shares created by Outlook generate sharing notices.

    2. If you mount a share in ZWC, it triggers a Share Status button at lower left of Outlook, allowing shares to be mounted/unmounted easily.

    3. ZWC preferences has a Share Discovery pane that allows you to see and mount everything that a given user has shared with you.

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