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Thread: [SOLVED] Mail relaying issue after changing domain name

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    Default [SOLVED] Mail relaying issue after changing domain name

    My old domain was running on now i changing the domain name to .

    Change domain Name /Rename Domain Name
    Change domain Name su – zimbra
    $zmprov -l rd

    my domain change successfully ,i have also change entry in /etc/hosts

    then i have change MX record & A record on Global DNS Edior of my domain that is given on web panel of my isp.

    when i ping to its respond ok.while when i check mail relaying its still responding to old A record of mail2.
    as i ping for i have get it.

    220 ESMTP Postfix

    where is wrong ??
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    You may have renamed the domain and in /etc/hosts but did you follow ZmSetServerName - Zimbra :: Wiki ?

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