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Thread: Allow HTML compose but not for emails

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    The zmprov command is a solution but then I have to remember to run it every time I create a new user.
    Unless you're going to be having a very small number of users, you might be better off having your user account creation scripted. This is one change you're making but more will be added over time (especially if you want to auto-subscribe users to calendars, folders, or address books).

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    Thank you all for answering my question. Unfortunately I still donīt have a solution.

    Setting the zimbraFeatureHtmlComposeEnabled to false, no matter if it is on the CoS or per user, prevents my users to send html composed emails just like I want. But it also prevents the users to edit documents in RTF mode.

    I want to allow RTF when creating documents and disallow RTF when creating emails.

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    Sorry to bump this one. I just want to make one last try before I consider my issue not solvable. Does anyone have any more ideas?

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