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Thread: disk warning *frequency*, NOT threshold

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    Default disk warning *frequency*, NOT threshold

    Hi all
    Is there a way to change the frequency of the disk warnings that are produced on a disk reaching warning threshold?
    We really dont need to be spammed every 10 minutes, once per day would be fine. I do not want to change the warning threshold, as the warnings are actually useful, I just dont want to come in to 500 warning emails on a monday morning.

    Changing the frequency and threshold in the admin gui does nothing to stop the mail every 10 minutes (tried 1 day, 24 hours, 23 hours - mail still comes in once every 10 minutes)

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    Default Forgot to restart zimbra??

    Did you restart zimbra afterwards?

    I tried (using the CLI):
    #zmlocalconfig -e zmstat_disk_interval=720

    Exactly after the restart I got my first "warning" and exactly 12 minutes later the second and so on

    Make sure you set the time in secs (I tried 30m and I got a warning every 30 secs)
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