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Thread: SERVER DOWN... Restore from files (/opt/zimbra/backup) what files are needed.

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    Default SERVER DOWN... Restore from files (/opt/zimbra/backup) what files are needed.

    To restore from my NE backup files, (/opt/zimbra/backup) what files are needed.
    If I had a server crash, what files under /opt/zimbra/backup will I need?
    Can I use the most current "full" backup and the other "incr". Files to get to my current (or most current) statut, that would mean I have a full backup from
    2010 3 - 05 and 3 INCR files.
    Is that all I need?
    I've had a critical harware failure and am trying to get this back up. any speedy response would be appreciated.
    Centos 5.x 64 bit (migrated painfully)

    Zimbra 7.2.x

    Running on HP DL380 G8 with raid 10

    48 gb ram

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    Hi timothyalangorman, For my OSS edition 5.20 I just restored everything to /opt/zimbra ran install script and it detected an 'upgrade' from 5.20 ->520.

    Restore procedure
    Open Source Edition Backup Procedure - Zimbra :: Wiki

    Then the following to make sure perms are all good.

    /opt/zimbra/libexec/zmfixperms -extended

    Then I had to Fix the UID of the zimbra user if restoring on new server as UID did not match in

    Hope this helps..

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    yeah you should just need your most recent full + incr and i think also your accounts.xml file which should be in /opt/zimbra/backup root directory. there is also this

    Network Edition Disaster Recovery - Zimbra :: Wiki

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