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Thread: html session timeout

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    Default html session timeout

    I have a user that just lost a very important email when his session timed out. He was revewing/editing the email and when he went to click send, he got the login screen. The details of his timeout policy are:

    Admin conosle auth token lifetime = 12 hours
    auth token lifetime = 2 days
    session idle timeout = 0 days

    I'm assuming 0 days for the session idle timeout means no timeout is set, correct?

    Also, is it possible to set things so that a draft is auto-saved prior to the timeout blowing everything away?

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    You're correct about the session idle time. But by default drafts are saved every 30 seconds (check the COS for your settings), so saving it again right before a timeout seems a bit useless.

    Only ways I can think of losing a session like that is:
    - when another session was started on the same browser
    - when the browser history+cache is cleared
    - when session is killed on server by admin

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