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Thread: Moving mailboxes to 2nd message store same server

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    Default Moving mailboxes to 2nd message store same server

    Just wondering if there is a way to move individual mail boxes from one mail store volume on a server to another mail store volume on the same server. I read a post about moving stopping Zimbra moving the entire message store, restarting Zimbra changing the path (Ajcody-Server-Misc-Topics - Zimbra :: Wiki). Looking for a less disruptive approach.

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    If free space is the problem, you could create a new message store volume, but that implicates that ALL NEW messages for any mailbox will be stored there...

    Message Volume

    When a new message is delivered or created, the message is saved in the primary message volume. Additional secondary message volumes can be created, but only one is configured as the current volume where new messages are stored. When the volume is full, you can configure a new current message volume. The current message volume receives all new messages. New messages are never stored in the previous volume.

    A current volume cannot be deleted, and message volumes that have messages referencing the volume cannot be deleted.
    But I'm searching too for a method to move individual mailboxes from one store to another. I know the location of the messages are stored in MySQL, could it be possible by modifiying the path in the relevant MySQL rows and moving the individual messages by scripting, to change the store for a particular mailbox?

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