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Thread: ZCS 6 - zimbramon flooding /var/log/messages

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    Default ZCS 6 - zimbramon flooding /var/log/messages


    I have a new install of ZCS community edition on a Fedora 12 x86_64 system. After the installation I could see that zimbramon flooding /var/log/messages heavily

    I am using rsyslogd and the rsyslog.conf has the following entries

    local0.* -/var/log/zimbra.log
    local1.* -/var/log/zimbra-stats.log
    auth.* -/var/log/zimbra.log
    mail.* -/var/log/zimbra.log

    The messages are similar to the one explained in the following bug,

    Bug 43541 – rsyslog: exclude local1 and local0 from logging to /var/log/messages

    Any workaround for the same will be greatly appreciated, none of the methods explained in the bug are working for me.

    Thanks in advance


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    Yes, I had look at the same also.

    I have tried to switch to syslog-ng, same result. Here is my syslog-ng.conf. Any comments?

    # vim:ft=syslog-ng:ai:si:ts=4:sw=4:et:
    source zimbra_src { unix-stream("/dev/log" keep-alive(yes) max-connections(20)); }; # zimbra
    filter zimbra_local0 { facility(local0); }; # zimbra
    filter zimbra_local1 { facility(local1); }; # zimbra
    filter zimbra_auth { facility(auth); }; # zimbra
    filter zimbra_mail { facility(mail); }; # zimbra
    destination zimbra_mail { file("/var/log/zimbra.log" owner("zimbra")); }; # zimbra
    destination zimbra_local1 { file("/var/log/zimbra-stats.log" owner("zimbra")); }; # zimbra
    destination zimbra_local0 { file("/var/log/zimbra.log" owner("zimbra")); }; # zimbra
    destination zimbra_auth { file("/var/log/zimbra.log" owner("zimbra")); }; # zimbra
    log { source(zimbra_src); filter(zimbra_mail); destination(zimbra_mail); }; # zimbra
    log { source(zimbra_src); filter(zimbra_local0); destination(zimbra_local0); }; # zimbra
    log { source(zimbra_src); filter(zimbra_local1); destination(zimbra_local1); }; # zimbra
    log { source(zimbra_src); filter(zimbra_auth); destination(zimbra_auth); }; # zimbra

    Mar 10 20:09:30 mail zimbramon[21252]: 21252:info: zmstat mysql.csv: timestamp, Aborted_clients, Aborted_connects, Binlog_cache_disk_use, Binlog_cache_use, Bytes_received, Bytes_sent, Com_admin_commands, Com_alter_db, Com_alter_table, Com_analyze, Com_backup_table, Com_begin, Com_call_procedure, Com_change_db, Com_change_master, Com_check, Com_checksum, Com_commit, Com_create_db, Com_create_function, Com_create_index, Com_create_table, Com_create_user, Com_dealloc_sql, Com_delete, Com_delete_multi, Com_do, Com_drop_db, Com_drop_function, Com_drop_index, Com_drop_table, Com_drop_user, Com_execute_sql, Com_flush, Com_grant, Com_ha_close, Com_ha_open, Com_ha_read, Com_help, Com_insert, Com_insert_select, Com_kill, Com_load, Com_load_master_data, Com_load_master_table, Com_lock_tables, Com_optimize, Com_preload_keys, Com_prepare_sql, Com_purge:::BC5A0494-2C52-11DF-AD88-EA9E35883533:::

    Mar 10 20:09:30 mail zimbramon[21252]: 21252:info: :::BC5A0494-2C52-11DF-AD88-EA9E35883533:::, Com_purge_before_date, Com_rename_table, Com_repair, Com_replace, Com_replace_select, Com_reset, Com_restore_table, Com_revoke, Com_revoke_all, Com_rollback, Com_savepoint, Com_select, Com_set_option, Com_show_binlog_events, Com_show_binlogs, Com_show_charsets, Com_show_collations, Com_show_column_types, Com_show_create_db, Com_show_create_table, Com_show_databases, Com_show_errors, Com_show_fields, Com_show_grants, Com_show_innodb_status, Com_show_keys, Com_show_logs, Com_show_master_status, Com_show_ndb_status, Com_show_new_master, Com_show_open_tables, Com_show_privileges, Com_show_processlist, Com_show_slave_hosts, Com_show_slave_status, Com_show_status, Com_show_storage_engines, Com_show_tables, Com_show_triggers, Com_show_variables, Com_show_warnings, Com_slave_start, Com_slave_sto:::BC5A122C-2C52-11DF-AD88-EA9E35883533:::
    Mar 10 20:09:30 mail zimbramon[21252]: 21252:info: :::BC5A122C-2C52-11DF-AD88-EA9E35883533::, Com_stmt_close, Com_stmt_execute, Com_stmt_fetch, Com_stmt_prepare, Com_stmt_reset, Com_stmt_send_long_data, Com_truncate, Com_unlock_tables, Com_update, Com_update_multi, Com_xa_commit, Com_xa_end, Com_xa_prepare, Com_xa_recover, Com_xa_rollback, Com_xa_start, Compression, Connections, Created_tmp_disk_tables, Created_tmp_files, Created_tmp_tables, Delayed_errors, Delayed_insert_threads, Delayed_writes, Flush_commands, Handler_commit, Handler_delete, Handler_discover, Handler_prepare, Handler_read_first, Handler_read_key, Handler_read_next, Handler_read_prev, Handler_read_rnd, Handler_read_rnd_next, Handler_rollback, Handler_savepoint, Handler_savepoint_rollback, Handler_update, Handler_write, Innodb_buffer_pool_pages_data, Innodb_buffer_pool_pages_dirty, Innodb_buffer_pool_pages_flush:::BC5A15BA-2C52-11DF-AD88-EA9E35883533:::

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