I am having some issues with the new tab key bindings in the M1 and M2 betas of 3.2 which impact me the most in the admin app. While setting up a few new users I started entering mailbox name, password, first and last name etc. all the while hitting tab to jump to the next field, or so I thought. It wasn't until I had hammered out a password for what I thought was the second time when I noticed I still only had the mailbox name filled out while all the other fields were empty.
I quickly realized that my tabbing had just been moving focus between the Help, Cancel and Next buttons instead of jumping fields. Being very accustomed to using the tab key while entering data into a system I was wondering whether this behavior is here to stay and whether there will be any way to change it to eliminate a lot of extraneous switching back and forth between keyboard and mouse to go from field to field. I am just wondering if this is bothering anyone else or I'm the only one who noticed so far.