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Thread: mysql will not start

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    Default mysql will not start

    I've been having a problem with mysql not starting on zimbra 4.5.10, i have followed many posts that have delt with this issue and i believe it is even worse then when i started.

    when i run zmmysqlstatus i get:

    Error while running 'mysql --user=zimbra --password="password" --database=zimbra --batch --skip-column-names'. at /opt/zimbra/bin/zmmysqlstatus line 241

    where "password" is a password that i have set following another post (sry there were so many i got lost)

    when i run "zmlocalconfig -s | grep mysql | grep password" the mysql_root_password is something that i know is wrong but i do not know the right password or even how to change it if i did

    sorry if that is not enough info but i am way over my head here, zimbra just worked with no problems for 2 years so i havent had to do much administration experience with it

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    i checked an older backup i had and I found what the mysql root password is supposed to be but I cannot change it back

    To change it in the first place i ran "zmlocalconfig -e zimbra_mysql_password='newpassword'

    When i try to run that again with the proper password i get the following:

    Error: can not edit key zimbra_mysql_password

    i found this post but it did not help

    Any ideas?

    The backup i have is about a week old, would it work if i restored everything but the store and database?? idk, grasping at straws
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    Instead of changing the mysql password in zimbra ldap, which apparently does not work, you could also try to change the mysql password in mysql to match the one in zimbra ldap.

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