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Thread: Mac OS LDAP configuration

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    Default Mac OS LDAP configuration

    I am trying to get the Mac OS Address book to talk to LDAP. I have tried the settings from the wiki with no effect. I am running 6.0.4 on Ubuntu 8.04.

    This is a test setup with a subdomain - Apple Mail and iCal work fine.

    Looking in the zimbra logs I see an error:
    zimbra [4571]: com=1765 op=0 do_bind: invalid dn (myemailaddress)

    I have the search base set as dc=mail,dc=zimbra,dc=mydomain,dc=com with a scope of subtree. Authentication is simple with my full email address and password.

    Any ideas?


    Ken Lynde

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    I haven't had any luck either, at least with authenticated LDAP. Anonymous connections work, but you may have to do a little configuration via CLI and be aware of security issues. See and the bugzilla entry mentioned early in the thread.

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