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Thread: Use Shared Adressbook as default Adressbook

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    Default Use Shared Adressbook as default Adressbook

    Hi all,

    I am currently running Zimbra 5.0.21 Network Edition and I am looking
    for a way to use a shared adressbook as my default addressbook so
    that it will synchronize with outlook and active sync ota.

    Does anyone have an idea if this is possible, maybe with zimbra 6.0.X?


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    Hi all,

    this would be great.

    I am searching for a solution to have one single addressbook for two zimbra accounts. I know that it is possible to mutual share addressbooks but this is not what i need. I want to have only ONE addressbook for two accounts. This single instance should behave like the "normal" addressbook (access via outlook, Zimbra Desktop, Web interface and most important OTA active sync).

    I heard rumours that it is possible to mount an addressbook (via mount point?) of account a to the account b, but i could not find a how to.

    The feature described in the article

    Mailboxes: Sharing vs. Relationships » Zimbra :: Blog

    does not fit the requirements.

    Is it possible to use the GAL for that requirement?

    The best solution would be to set a server addressbook (not a personal addressbook) as default addressbook for account a and b, but as far as i know zimbra only offers user-connected addressbooks.

    Best regards from germany (it's still cold here :-( )

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