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Thread: No organizer after creating appointment with iCal

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    Default No organizer after creating appointment with iCal


    when i create an appointment with iCal, other users cannot see that I'm the organizer of that appointment. The calendar is shared as read only to some other users. When they go on the event in the pop-up there's no organizer. Inside the edit-appointment widow, the other user is listed as organizer himself.
    I can verify that there is even no sender listed in the database:

    mysql> select subject, sender, type, date from mail_item where subject like "Test Ical sender";
    | subject          | sender | type | date       |
    | Test Ical sender |        |   11 | 1268658282 | 
    1 row in set (0.00 sec)
    best regards


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    I'm on ZCS 6.0.5 NE. When I create an appointment with iCal and I don't invite anyone, then if someone else views my calendar in ZWC, there's no organizer at all in the popup nor if they double-click the appointment.

    If I create an appointment and invite someone, then if a Viewer looks at the appointment, then I appear as the organizer both in the popup and when they double-click.

    So in some situations I'm seeing behavior similar to yours, but it's not "dysfunctional" since it only applies to appointments, not meetings, and the viewer of my calendar doesn't appear as the organizer.

    Doesn't seem to be any different if the Viewer is changed to Manager.

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