Hi everybody,

I am trying to migrate User Passwords from a SUSE 10 Server to Zimbra on CentOS. As war as I can see, the Hashs in /etc/shadow on the SUSE machine are encrpyted with Blowfish (starts with $2a$). Is it possible at all to migrate them to Zimbra?

I tried with
zmprov ma user@domain userPassword '{Blowfish}$2a$05$6SOzviSKXjksPoTmt3S2yOS/FoLHICnEFQSogiJ77bCLVAb2t7lJa'
This actually changes the Password hash of my user, I can see that through a LDAP Admin Tool, its no longer {SSHA}....., but now {Blowfish}....... .

Now I dont know if the {Blowfish} Version is correct or possible at all. And in addition I am confused b/c although the hash password entry in the LDAP is changed, the new password doesnt work, but the initial one set by Zimbra still is. Shouldnt that one be inavlid now, as the hash password entry in LDAP obviously changed