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Thread: Rights delegation for users

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    Default Rights delegation for users

    With the ZImbra 6.0 administrative rights delegation, I was hoping a problem we were working on had been solved, namely the ability to give users the ability to log into *specific* other user accounts without sharing a password. (We have some shared accounts that previously had shared passwords that had to be changed when a user left the company.)

    Thus far, I've been able to successfully give a user:
    * account list view (and the ability to log in to the administration console)
    * adminLoginAs

    But they are currently unable to *see* the account, so they can't get the View Mail button.

    What privilege am I missing? I went digging through the Delegated Administration chapter of the Admin Guide 6.0, and it implied that those were the only privs I needed to give, but the example I was following was for a Domain Admin, which isn't what I'm after at all.

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    Default Answer: Rights delegation for individual users to read mailboxes

    I couldn't find any documentation on this, so I had to do some digging and some tinkering, and this is what I ended up needing to set up to get this working. We have some users who are specifically assigned to correspond with specific customers (CRMs, basically) but sometimes they go on vacation. When they do, we have requests for other CRMs to get full access to their accounts, temporarily. It also works for executive assistants who are managing things for their bosses.

    Here're the rights it appears I need to delegate to make viewMail work *only* for one targeted user:

    Grantee Name              | Target Name              | Target Type | Right Name | | account     | adminLoginAs | | account     | listAccount | | account     | getAccount | | account     | getAccountInfo | | account     | getAccountMembership | | account     | getMailboxInfo | | account     | viewAccountAdminUI | globalacltarget          | global      | listDomain | globalacltarget          | global      | listAccount
    And the user has to be an administrator. We also needed to set up the zimbraWebClientAdminReference because we have proxy servers, and the zimbraPublicServiceHostname to make sure the proxy servers were what we got directed back to when clicking the ViewMail button.

    It is possible I've given one or two rights extra, but we're under sufficient time constraints that I couldn't just add them one at a time. We have pretty much proven to our satisfaction that they can *only* log in to the targeted user account, and not any others, which is the main concern here. And this way, we have no sharing of passwords.

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