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Thread: [SOLVED] mysql innodb corrupt, innodb_force_recovery 6 won't work

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    Default [SOLVED] mysql innodb corrupt, innodb_force_recovery 6 won't work


    this morning our ZCS server discovered not work, after few reviewing I discover the problem is mysql unable to start. with some test I and google I realize is a db corrupt but not so much info I can find on how to recover in this unlucky situation, what I've been already tried:

    1. I stop the whole zcs, only su zimbra and test mysql.server start, it won't work
    2. I read the log/mysql_error.log realize the problem is some inconsistency in log and innodb start to recovery but failed at error: "Page directory corruption: supremum not pointed to"
    3. I read the zimbra mysql recovery guide, but even I set innodb_force_recovery = 6 I do not have any luck to start mysql.server start with user zimbra

    my ZCS is version zcs-6.0.0_GA_1802.RHEL5.20090830140212.
    in CentOS in a VM, was running perfect.

    so what I have to do next?
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