We have been having trouble receiving legit e-mails. So in attempts to correct this we have be tweeking some of the settings in the Admin GUI. Upon un-checking the " Hostname in greeting violates RFC (reject_invalid_hostname)" and saving, it seemed like it had not effect. Now when I try to re-enable the feature I get a error pop up that says...

"JavaScript error encountered in method ZaXFormViewController.prototype._saveChangesCallba ck message: this._currentObject.attrs[L].join is not a function fileName: https://*******.com:7071/zimbraAdmin...v=091118112000 lineNumber: 8037 stack: ()@https://*******.com:7071/zimbraAdmin/js/Admin_all.js.zgz?v=091118112000:8037 ((void 0))@https://*******.com:7071/zimbraAdmin/js..."

and I cannot turn the feature back on. Has anyone seen this error before?