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Thread: Slow POP3

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    Default Slow POP3

    Im testing Zimbra for 10K users.
    All of them check their email using POP3 every 1 minute.

    The pop3 services is delivering the messages really slow. Postfix is Fine.
    For example a 4MB attachment is sent in less than 1 second trough postfix, but retrieving it with pop take like 5 minutes.

    The server is a HP DL360 with 16GB RAM and Two Dual Core Xeon. The storage its a Hitache with FC. Using Multipath with Round Robin.

    Using netstat i see a lot of TIME_WAIT connections, like 1000, and only arround 200 ESTABLISHED POP3.

    Im running with 600 POP3 Threads.

    Any ideas where to check or i need a bigger machine?

    Patricio Bruna

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    Also, the problem is appreciable only when a email has an attachment of >=100K.
    With only text files everything looks good.
    Patricio Bruna

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    Nadie te respondio a esta consulta?
    Yo tengo el mismo problema.

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