I have the latest 5.x Zimbra (I am waiting for next week's release to upgrade to 6).

My problem is that a local user is sending to another local user, via authenticated smtp. The mail is going via Amavis (which is useful so users do not infect each other), but it also goes via SpamAssassin.

The problem is that one of my user's mails are marked as SPAMMY, although they are absolutely simple and legitimate mails (no links to spammy sites, no attachments, etc).

Is there a way to configure the system not to run the spam check on local users only?

If I add that domain to amavis's whitelist, with a -10 score for example, this seems to affect spam coming into the box, addressed to anyone on that domain - it's getting a boost of 10 points positive score and consequently, reaches the user's mailbox as CLEAN.

Help!! :-)