Running ZCS 6.0.5 NE on RHEL 5.4. I just noticed that when I run package updater in the RHEL GUI console, I get a warning:

zimbra homedir /opt/zimbra or its parent directory conflicts with a
defined context in /etc/selinux/targeted/contexts/files/file_contexts,
/usr/sbin/genhomedircon will not create a new context. This usually indicates an incorrectly defined system account. If it is a system account please make sure its login shell is /sbin/nologin.
I'm guessing it would actually be inadvisable to do this, based partly on the last few comments on this page. However does anyone know for sure?

And furthermore, is there anything Zimbra could do in their installation scripts to prevent this from popping up in RedHat?

(I turned off SELinux per Zimbra installation instructions before installing Zimbra, by the way.)

If it's unavoidable it'd be good to document this.