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Thread: zmbackup on multi servers setup

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    Default zmbackup on multi servers setup

    I have a multi servers setup running on RHEL 5 64 bits, using 3 zimbra 6.0.5 as follow:

    ldap server
    mta server
    mbox server

    Since upgrading from 5.0.18 to 6.0.5, backups have been running fine on the mailbox server and ldap server, but the mta server fails every time.

    After digging through the error messages and zmbackup, it seems there is only one alternative: either the server is an ldap server or a mailbox server. If it's not a mailbox server, zimbra assumes it's an ldap server and then complain about not being able to find the ldap tools (slapcat in this case)

    Any way to fix this?

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