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Thread: Legal Intercept feature query

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    Default Legal Intercept feature query

    Hi Guys,

    Our customer is asking for LI feature for monitoring purpose. I have done all required POCs on Zimbra LI, recipient_bcc_maps and sender_bcc_maps even I have tested ZAD with tral version.

    I want to understand one thing...

    In ZAD mail forking is getting done by amavisd-new utility on MTA level and in recipient_bcc_maps and sender_bcc_maps is also capturing every incoming and outgoing mail communication through postfix for ALL protocol ( webmail, pop3, IMAP )

    Then why cant we capture outgoing mail through IMAP and POP in Zimbra LI ? As mentioned in wiki page that, in LI new envolpe is geting generated and getting delivered to respective LI account.

    So I just wanted to understand from where LI feature capturing in - out data ?? Once we enable it for any specific account then what exactly happned and how its redirect incoming and outgoing mails to LI account.

    Please help me to understand.

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    I believe Legal Intercept does not work at Amavis level, and has nothing to do with bcc_maps etc, but is within the Mailbox Java code and performs the intercept at that level.

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