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Thread: Moving Mail from Folder to Folder Sent (bug??)

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    Default Moving Mail from Folder to Folder Sent (bug??)

    Hello, i have notice something embarassing.

    When i copy a message from some Folder to Sent Folder, there i a display problem.

    In Sent folder the mail is showing To the sender and no the Destinatary...

    From example:
    If i have a mail From= john To=David in some folder... when i copy this mail in Sent Folder it is display To=John in the principal page...

    But when i open the mail, From: and To: are good...

    A screenshot is more clear...
    After copying message from folder to "Sent" folder the dysplay To is wrong

    You can see on the screen, that the mail is From=Jean Luc To=Pierre
    But in the principal dysplay there is To=Jean Luc

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    ok, it is very problematic for migration...
    Not solved in 6.0.6 ?

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