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Thread: Mails stuck in queue

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    Default Mails stuck in queue


    We are using ZCS 3.1

    For some reason the mails are not getting delivered from or to our server.
    zmcontrol status shows all processes running thought the web admin interface says MTA and Mailbox services are not running.
    On checking mail queue, there are some messages in the different queues. Flushing them gets a few mails out from the queue, but this stops after some time.

    Pls help,

    [Follow up to this post of mine]

    If I take complete zimbra backup, reinstall my whole system and replace the backup, will my queue also be restored?

    I think something has terribly gone wrong on my system and a fresh install should work really fine. Mails in queue are important and I cannot afford to lose them.

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    can you see why the messages are being queued?

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