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Thread: zmrestore always restores to actual timestamp

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    Default zmrestore always restores to actual timestamp


    if i use a full backup to restore an old account using -ca, -pre and -lb options where the label is an oler one, then the new account will be created and the data will be restored into that account - but the restore is not limited to that label - it will be restored completely until today.

    we are running latest NE (6.0.5). Is that in the meantime normal behaviour or is that a bug?

    Can anybody else confirm that issue?


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    ... just to make sure: You're using zmrestore like

    zmrestore -a -ca -pre restored_ -lb incr-20100311.000016.776
    If the label is being omitted zmrestore restores to the latest full backup.

    Did you check if the behaviour is the same if do the restore via Admin Web GUI?



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