I am new in this Forum and I hope anyone can help me with my Zimbra server problem.
Zimbra Version 6.05 OpenSource on Debian

Here is my story.
My Zimbra server works since 3 months without any problems.
Last week I had to change the Zimbra Server IP adress.
I did it and after restarting, the server works and everything was fine, I thought.
But after one day I got the first error message after login to the Server from the Zimbra web-interface.

"A network service error occured"

Login was impossible.

I could not find any reason for that in the logfiles.
After restarting the Zimbra services erverything looks fine.
I can login to the Server, I can send and receive mails.

Next day the same problem.
I looked into the browser source code and found the following error code.

com.zimbra.common.soap.SoapFaultException: System failure: ZimbraLdapContext ExceptionId:btpool10-0//localhost/service/soap/AuthRequest: 1270223989771:a6df616a3dd5d062 Code: service.failure

In the next days I got the error once a day after restarting the Zimbra services it was OK until the next day.

Please help me, I dont know what to do.

Thanks a lot