Hello all,

I've got an implementation like described below:

Masterldap --> OpenLDAP --> Running HTTP/HTTPS/FTP
SlaveLDAP --> OpenLDAP --> Running Email Services (POP3/POP3S/IMAP/IMAPS/Webmail-HTTP/HTTPS)

Entries from master are auto synced on slave. I want to migrate initially the email server (slaveldap) to a different data center on a more powerful server due to have performance issues on existing server. At the moment when a new user is been added IT staff needs to manually create /home/username and chown that folder on slaveldap server, that'all.

I'm a little bit confused about how Zimbra works in terms of LDAP. Can I use my masterldap for authentication and just add the accounts manually on Zimbra each time a new user is been added?
If I delete a user from my masterldap would that be removed as well or it needs to be deleted manually?

Thanks in advance