Dear community,

I am not very experienced in the *nix world, so please be gentle.

I have setup an Ubuntu 8.0.4LTS machine and Zimbra on it.
Before the install I had quite a few UNIX users that were using Samba 3.0.28a shares.

After I installed Zimbra (following this guide UNIX and Windows Accounts in Zimbra LDAP and Zimbra Admin UI 6.0), I updated the Samba to the latest release - 3.5.1 to make sure that Win 7 machines can log on to the domain.

So the objective is to have a server that runs mail server, ldap, samba file server all on one box.

I had lots of trouble following the guide mentioned above on installing samba with zimbra... still can not make win clients join the domain....

here is the part that I do not understand:

If I create a user in Zimbra, and add him to the posix group and samba domain, then where do I check (apart from Zimbra just to make sure) that the users was actually added to the group?

I have a suspicion that my "access denied" errors when I use a member of the Domain Admin groups, are a result of the failure to add a user to the correct group.

if I run getend group - I can see the groups created by Samba and Unix, but no users listed as members of Samba groups

but if I run getend passwd I can see ALL users including the ones stored in LDAP....

what am I missing?

another question is - if I have an Zimbra user successfully logged into server with samba (not into the domain, cause I can not get it to work yet), do I need to have a UNIX user with the same name to enable him to write to the share? cause this is the only way I can make samba work...

Thanks very much and I really need your input to understand things and make it all work properly...