Hi everyone

I've got a test installation up and running of the latest NE trail and things are working well. I've got a few users migrated from Exchange and they love it.

But now I'm looking to experiment with sharing.
We're a small business with only 11 users and with Exchange we had an extensive set of public folders.
I've got the default COS set up the way I want for the majority of our users... disabled sharing, briefcase and IM.

However there's one user that I would like to enable the sharing for.
I'm looking for this user to be basically a company-wide shared user with a bunch of e-mail aliases all being filtered into various folders, extensive shared folder heirarchy and various shared address lists and calendars.
I've heard that this company-wide user could in fact be set up as a Resource to save our account limit from increasing.

Here's my questions:

1) Creating a specific COS for this "company-wide" user
I was thinking that I should just be able to create a new COS with sharing/briefcase/IM enabled and add any users to that COS. However when creating a new COS through the Admin UI it seems that there's loads of other options enabled for the new COS as well.
Is there a way to create a COS which just overrides a couple of settings from the default COS?
Rather then de-selecting everything in the new COS apart from what I want explicitly enabled for those members... kind of like a blank COS?

2) Can IMAP users view/edit the shared e-mail folders?
Or will that only be possible if using ZCO or the web UI?
Under Exchange our Public Folders were listed when a user connected with IMAP, although they only had read access.

Cheers, B