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Thread: HttpMethodDirector errors in mailbox.log

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    Default HttpMethodDirector errors in mailbox.log

    I've noticed recently that one of our mail servers is getting lots of WARN level messages from HttpMethodDirector in mailbox.log. So many that it's causing our log volume to go over 90% utilization in less than a week (which isn't normal).

    I should note that we are running Network Edition 6.0.4 with six mailbox servers sitting behind one proxy server.

    The most common error comes in pairs and looks like this:

    2010-04-08 00:01:05,212 WARN [btpool0-31485://] [;;ip=143.43.2 25.68;oip=;ua=ZimbraWebClient - IE8 (Win)/6.0.4_GA_2038.RHEL5_64;] HttpMethodDirector - Required credentials not available for BASIC <any realm>

    2010-04-08 00:01:05,212 WARN [btpool0-31485://] [;;ip=143.43.2 25.68;oip=;ua=ZimbraWebClient - IE8 (Win)/6.0.4_GA_2038.RHEL5_64;] HttpMethodDirector - Preemptive authentication requested but no default credentials available

    And, this:

    2010-04-08 12:34:55,386 WARN [btpool0-32235://] [;ip=;] HttpMethodDirector - Required credentials not available for BASIC <any realm>

    2010-04-08 12:34:55,386 WARN [btpool0-32235://] [;ip=;] HttpMethodDirector - Preemptive authentication requested but no default credentials available

    Note: This error is occurring on the zimbra7 server. In the first example, usera is on the zimbra7 server and userb is on the zimbra4 server. In the second example, userb is on the zimbra10 server. Perhaps someone on zimbra7 is attempting to access a shared resource from a user on one of the other servers? There are too many users logging to this log file for me to find an easily identifiable pattern. We haven't received any complaints about users not having access to those shared items, but that doesn't mean that they aren't. I ran a test of sharing an a folder from a user on zimbra7 to a user on zimbra10 and that test worked fine (but, no errors in the log during my test).

    I have compared the zmlocalconfig and zmprov getServer configs for all six of our mailbox servers and I can't see any obvious difference that would cause this one server to get these error messages but not our other servers.

    Any suggestions out there?


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    I'm at the same site mentioned in the first post. USER B is on the same server that is getting all these WARN messages in the mailbox.log. So is this possibly related behavior?

    USER A on SERVER A has shared her calendar to USER B on SERVER B and given her "admin" permissions to it.

    USER B is using the Advanced Web UI.

    It works fine initially....but after some amount of time (undetermined at this point, could be hours/days/weeks)... USER B tries to go in to the calendar share and MANAGE the calendar for USER A and notices that she only has "view" permissions on it.

    In zmprov....when I check the folder grants for USER B on that share using...
    gfg "/USER A's CALENDAR"
    Permissions      Type  Display
    -----------  --------  -------
         rwidxa   account  0acfeccb-027e-4514-ba91-ede896b51ffb's correct...she has admin permissions on the shared folder but the WebUI shows view permissions only...

    Log into USER B's account...delete the share...recreate the share...and now the permissions are "admin" again....and are correct. Until some time in the future when it will go back to "view" permissions again in her WebUI. And we do this all over again.

    I noticed however that when I am in the account re-creating the share that I'm getting all these WARN messages mentioned above in the first post by the mailbox.log file on the server.

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