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Thread: Zimbra DnD ( Drag and Drop ) Extension 6.0.6?

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    Default Zimbra DnD ( Drag and Drop ) Extension 6.0.6?

    Ok - we upgraded to 6.0.6 - and the DnD extension is supposed to work with this release now.. Whats the trick to getting it to work? and where do we download the latest extension? I tried getting the extension from the zimlets section on the main site - but that combined with 6.0.6 does not give us a working drag and drop in Firefox 3.6.3 ..

    So what's the solution?


    - D2G

    UPDATE - We deployed the new zimlet located in the zimbra/zimlet-extras folder - DnD now has reverted to only working in the same window and no longer works in new windows which was fixed in a previous version of 6.x .. So in my opinion this is still broke..
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