Third time is a charm... hopefully. After a couple of distractions we are on our third test server and finally/hopefully ready to get Zimbra up and running for real this time The first thing I need to do though is pick up a new machine to run it on so I'm looking for some ideas especially for the disk layout. We are going to have 50 accounts (usually we're only about 30-35 users but occasionally we spike w/ temp employees/interns) and I was estimating 25G-30G quota per account. So the main partition needs to be at least 1.5T. I would also prefer to run on ubunutu. So my questions are:

- 1.5T and 2T drives are out there but I assume it would be better to run on some sort of RAID w/ 1T "sever/enterprise class" drives right?

- What sort of backup partition is needed? I take there is a lot of replication in the db itself (so the same email in multiple accounts is only actually storing a single copy right?) so hopefully a full 1.5T isn't needed for a full backup of a theoretically full system (all accounts maxed on quote), but what has been people's experience?

- Speaking of which, what are people using for backups? Mainly disk to disk or are people using tapes? BTW does zimbra supports direct to tape backup, it doesn't look like it but maybe I'm missing something? If nothing else I can still configure ubuntu/cron to backup the /opt/zimbra/backup dir right?

So what I'm thinking is a machine w/ an 8 port RAID server, 4x1T (just under 3T usable) drives for the OS and /opt/zimbra, 3x1T (~2T usable) drives for /opt/zimbra/backup and 1x1T drive hot spare. Then a tape drive for backup/offsite storage of /opt/zimbra/backup. Does that sound like a good setup as far as the disks?

Have to say I'm not too concerned about processors or memory but if anyone has recommendations/hints/clues/suggestions on those I'd love to hear them.