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Thread: Local Users' Mails go to Junk

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    Default Local Users' Mails go to Junk

    I am using Zimbra Collaboration Suite 5.0.

    The issue is when a local user of our Zimbra server sends mails to another local user of our Zimbra server from outside the company network it goes to his junk.

    FYI, the setting of MTA Trusted Networks: 192.168.x.x(Zimbra Local IP)/32 x.x.x.x(Zimbra Real IP)/32.

    Your suggestions will be welcome.


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    This has been covered many times recently. As owl has pointed out the main threads to read are:

    You do not say which version of ZCS5 you are running; though I would recommend that you upgrade to 5.0.23 or 6.0.6 where these issues have been resolved.

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