Hi ppl

I have a zimbra 5.04 (OS) system that I'm about to replace with a 6.0.6 (OS) install. I've redone the underlying OS to bring it up to date as well.

There are only 2 mailboxes that I care about enough to move.

I've used the items.zip, but can see that it can't track the received data and other useful items.
I can't use the
/opt/zimbra/bin/zmmailbox -z -m user@domain.com getRestURL “//?fmt=tgz” > /tmp/account.tgz

As my live zimbra version is too old.

What is going to be the best way to retain that detail?

Should I use a POP3/IMAP setup to do this? Is there an alternative?

Am I going to be better off upgrading the old system to 5.10 or later to get that function?