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Thread: exchange 2000 migration problems

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    Default exchange 2000 migration problems

    I am currently testing zimbra network (3.1.4) as a possible replacement for our exchange 2000 server. Everything on zimbra looked good until I tried migrating some users to zimbra as a test. The migration problems that I am having varies with different users.

    For example, one user only his 2005 emails migrated to zimbra, another did not get any of his mail migrated (only the folder structure was replicated.)

    The mailbox size and/or the mail count of these two users aren't exactly small either. The 2nd user who did not get any email migrated has an exchange mailbox size of around 1.9GB; the first user who only had his 2005 email migrated has around 15000 messages.

    My mailbox is really small and as far as i can tell, it seem to have migrated from exchange perfectly fine. Is there a size limit/message limit that the migration wizard can do? If is not a limitation, is there a bug? Anyone else have/had this problem?

    I was using ZCSMigWiz-3.1.2_GA_435.exe to migrate the users if anyone is wondering.
    Thanks in advance.

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    did the migration wizard generate any logs or other files in the same folder with it when it ran these imports?

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    Post Exchange problem that created logs

    I think I ran into a similar problem with Migration Wizard. It created log files too. Not sure what to do next.

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    What actually happened? Did the wizard create any entries in Zimbra? What was wrong with the migration? Is this the NE or OSS version? If you're not on the current 4.5.2 release of Zimbra I'd suggest moving to that first and trying again.


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