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Thread: [SOLVED] Disk Warning

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    Default [SOLVED] Disk Warning

    I received the following email in my admin account. I'm not sure what it means or what to do. Can anyone help me please? I would appreciate it greatly!

    Apr 12 12:00:00 mail zimbramon[14403]: 14403:crit: Disk warning: /dev/sdd1 at 96%


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    It sounds as if some disk on your system which Zimbra uses is getting full /dev/sdd1

    Check your system with the df -h command (as one example) and see what that disk is. Is it where your /opt/zimbra is held? Is it your root partition (or where /var/ sits)?

    As to what to do... that depends on if you have more storage space available (other disks, LUNs, unallocated space, etc.) and ideally, you're using LVM to increase the size of an existing logical volume.

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    I figured it out. I had a flash drive plugged in that is fairly full. It was letting me know I guess. After I unplugged the drive I stopped getting these messages.

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