Hi all,

from days I'm working to let zimbra users have the same password as 2008 AD Domain Controller
I've read a lot of post but no one helped me
the most intresting post i found on zimbra forum is:

now I'm working on a test scenario:
win2003 server DC of ps.dominio.it domain. all users are: name.surname@ps.dominio.it
zimbra 6.05 FOSS (on Ubuntu 8.04 Server) hosts mail domain dominio.it, all email are surname@dominio.it
I want enable Zimbra external AD authentication on 2003 DC.

The only working test I made is:
- new Zimbra domain ps.dominio.it, email name.surname@ps.dominio.it (that is not public), same as DC..
- enable external AD authentication on DC
any other test fails, also variants found in "account-name-different-active-directory-username" post
(that uses ldap as external auth method, insted of AD)
in particular, trying to configure ldap, I do not understand where set "LDAP bind DN template":
does not exist anymore on zimbra 6?

Any idea on howto map different zimbra username & domain from ones in AD?
My sensation is that it is possible using external ldap auth, and using an ad-hoc ldap filter,
but i'm not a ldap expert..

Thanx in advance,
bye, Luca.