Just migrated from Exchange 2003 to Zimbra 6 OSE. In Outlook, you can attach emails to calendar appointments. Building management used to use this to track discussion threads around particular room bookings and such. Converting a single email into a calendar appointment is of course supported, but we need to be able to attach several emails to a particular calendar appointment. Is there a way to do this? I see there's a zimlet for attaching messages to other messages easily, but this doesn't work for calendar appointments.

Also, along the same lines, the messages (not surprisingly) that were attached didn't get imported as part of importing the .pst for the shared calendar. This is less of an issue, but it's annoying.

If this isn't supported in Zimbra OSE, is it supported in the commercial editions? If not, we're going to probably have to stay in Outlook for managing the calendars, but sync them to the Zimbra server. Does the Outlook connector let you do this? Is there an evaluation for the Outlook connector so we can make sure it works before we shell out?