I need to do some cross mailbox searched and I've tried several times to use zmarchivesearch but never managed to get any sane results.

for example searching for a term with zmmailbox works as expected but not with zmarchivesearch:

$ zmmailbox -z -m someuser-20080424@domain.com.archive s -t message "content:'ITENOS'"
num: 1, more: false
Id Type From Subject Date
------ ---- -------------------- -------------------------------------------------- --------------
1. 167961 mess schellenberg INTERNET AG Frankfurt : Request for dedicated publ 04/12/10 21:41

$ zmarchivesearch -m someuser-20080424@domain.com.archive -q "content:'ITENOS'" -d /tmp/doros_test/

.... gives me nothing

Also as a second question:

How can I write a query with multiple search terms for emails after a certain date?

I found that I have to do it like this but I'm not sure if this is the best/correct way:

after:01/01/2009 AND content:somekeyword1 OR after:01/01/2009 AND content:somekeyword2

And as a third question, what's the best way to enclose a keyword that has spaces in it eg:

this is some keyword

Thanks in advanced