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Thread: Some questions about Zimbra and spam

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    Default Some questions about Zimbra and spam

    Mods: Hopefully this is the right area of the forum, if not please move to where ever is appropriate.

    We are looking at migrating to zimbra from a mish-mash of open source programs running on a debian machine (postfix, spamassassin, procmail, UW IMAP, etc...). So far those helping me w/ the test server like what we see w/ Zimbra but we have some questions about the spam processing. Most of this is based on trying to replicate our current layout as much as possible and some of it may not carry over, but if anyone has any advice it would be appreciated.

    To give you an idea of the current layout, spamassassin marks anything above the score of 5 as spam. The server passes ALL mail, aka no matter what the spam score it is passed on, to the end user who then decides what to do w/ it. We haven't stipulated a particular client be used but I'd say the majority of people are running Thunderbird, some are on some Mac applications (Mac mail being the most popular) and I have a few Outlook hold outs (that I'm hoping to move them away from if/when we switch ). Procmail is used to pre-filter some of the mail, mainly marked spam to a "junk" folder which local/client filters then look at to pull out ham. Users manually move all spam to a folder called "spam" which is processed by the server every 4 hours to add the spam to the bayes DB. People can move ham to a ham folder which does the same and recovers the original email. Finally every morning the server runs 'sa-update' to update the rules.

    So the questions are:

    - Is there a way to remove the subject marking when something is marked "not junk"?

    - When is the email actually processed/added to the bayes DB (as soon as it is put in the junk folder or sometime later)? How about ham, when things are marked "not junk", is that added right away?

    - Is there something equivalent to the "sa-update" command, or does the happen automatically anyway? I didn't see anything in the admin app about it but maybe I overlooked it. Can/should I just carry my script over from my current machine and run that via cron on the zimbra server?

    - I see where individual white/black lists can be created in user preferences, but what is the preferred way to add a global whitelist/blacklist? I found something that said modify the, I think it was, but my customizations there were lost at some point. After a server or system restart or something, not entirely sure when.

    - Is there a way to turn off the auto kill feature and allow all email to be passed on?

    - The filters in the user preferences only work on mail that hits the Inbox right? Is there any way to have them apply to the Junk box as well? For example, how I personally process mail on our current server, I have a filter that looks in the "junk" folder populated by procmail w/ all the server marked spam. Anything from someone in one of my address books goes back into my Inbox. Anything w/ a score of 5 to 10 goes into a second junk box that I take a closer look at to see if something creeped into the spam range, everything else is dumped into the "spam" folder for processing by the server. I'd like to replicate this as much as possible but at min. having people that are in my address books not go into the junk folder (or extracted from it if they are) would be nice.

    EDIT: On this last issue I tried creating a filter "address from in my contacts" "file into folder inbox" and running that on the "junk" folder but it didn't recover anything, even though I purposefully put an email from a contact in my address book into the junk folder to test it. Any idea why this didn't work?

    I think that's it for now... hints/clues/suggestions are appreciated.
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