Hi. have a problem. After upgrade i have error with stats. When i go to admin interface in section server status i see red cross on point stats. And e-mail are recieved with same message:

Apr 14 13:19:59 mail zimbramon[5453]: 5453:err: Service status change: mail.domain.local stats changed from running to stopped

If i try to zmcontrol stop and zmcontrol start after 5 minutes i have the same state - stats is off.

zmcontrol status is sayed:

Host mail.domain.local

antispam Running
antivirus Running
ldap Running
logger Running
mailbox Running
memcached Running
mta Running
snmp Running
spell Running
stats Stopped

zmstatctl status is sayed:

Running: zmstat-mysql
Running: zmstat-mtaqueue
Running: zmstat-allprocs
Running: zmstat-vm
Running: zmstat-proc
Running: zmstat-io-x
Running: zmstat-fd
process 11703 in /opt/zimbra/zmstat/pid/zmstat-nginx.pid not running
Running: zmstat-cpu
Running: zmstat-io
Running: zmstat-df

How fix it?